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7 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

The sun’s radiation can convert solar energy into electricity or heat. It is free and available all the time. Technology advances have allowed us to harness more of this solar energy.

Here are 7 benefits related to this renewable source of energy.

1. Impact on the Environment

Solar Energy has fewer environmental impacts than other energy sources. It doesn’t emit greenhouse gases or pollute water. It requires very little water to maintain, unlike other power plants, which require 20 times as much water. Because solar energy production doesn’t create noise, there are many solar installations in urban areas such as a domestic solar panels.

2. Reduce Your Energy Costs

Solar panels thrive on sunlight, which is why a home in rainy Seattle versus one in sunny Austin will have very different solar needs.

Determining how many solar panels you need requires knowing how many peak sun hours your area receives. Peak sun hours doesn’t just refer to the number of hours between sunrise and sunset. Instead, it refers to the hours when sunlight is most powerful and when your solar panels will be the most productive. Specifically, this means each hour that the sun’s intensity reaches an average of 1,000 watts per square meter.

The more peak sun hours you have, the more a solar installation can generate. That’s why a home in Austin, Texas, can get by with a smaller solar installation than one in Seattle, Washington, to generate the same amount of energy.

Even if you live in a region that receives ample sunlight, the direction your roof faces, as well as your shade levels, also affect how much sunlight you receive — and therefore the number of solar panels you need. A certified solar installer will be able to help you calculate these factors. For reference, you can find the number of daily peak sun hours for each state here.

3. Energy Production during Peak Hours

Solar Energy’s Advantages – Peak Production during High demands tends to be higher between 11:00 and 16:30, and then later in the evening. This is when electricity prices peak. During these hours, solar energy reaches its maximum production.

The electricity produced at these times is more valuable than that generated at night. Prices could drop to the same level as night hours due to solar energy’s additional electricity input.

4. Solar Energy Is Applicable Everywhere

Solar energy can be used anywhere as long as there’s sunshine. This is especially useful in remote areas that don’t have access to electricity. The world has a lot of people without electricity.

These regions could benefit from independent solar systems that could improve the lives and livelihoods of millions. Solar energy can also be used to power spacecraft or boats.

5. Less Electricity Lost During Long-Distance Transport

olar Energy has fewer energy losses. Around 3-5% of solar energy is lost in transportation and distribution. Energy is lost more frequently the farther between the source and destination points. These losses may not seem important, but they can impact the installation’s performance when it is located in areas with high populations. Solar panels placed on the roof or in the yard reduce this distance and increase the efficiency of solar panels.

6. Grid Security Improved

If there are many power stations spread out, the grid will be less susceptible to blackouts. An energy grid that has high solar energy penetration has many energy production centers which are spread out. This increases the grid’s security in the event of an overload or natural or human-caused catastrophes.

7. Job Creation

There are many benefits to solar energy. Another benefit is the creation of jobs. The cost of installing solar panels is a large part of the total cost of solar systems. This helps to create local jobs. Solar systems can boost the economy and positively affect the local community.

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