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ChaitanyaSri Solar is the leader in the industrial solar roof with its innovative solutions. Chaitanyasri Solar industrial rooftop solution will return your investment and reduce your electricity bills. Chaitanyasri Solar’s custom rooftop solutions have been a great help to many commercial, industrial and institutional customers. They are able to reduce their carbon footprint, while still making financial sense.

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ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow

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ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow

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ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow

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ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow

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Frequently Asked Question

Solar is the best way to save money on the sun. Solar can help you save money on your monthly electricity bills and it will also allow you to go green. Solar energy is truly renewable and clean. It emits zero greenhouse gases, reduces climate change, and produces no pollution (air, noise or land).

The solar commercial panel is highly efficient. If they are arranged in a cluster they are able to power the entire commercial structure on their own.

The amount of solar panels you’ll require for commercial buildings will depend on your regular usage of electricity. A solar installation specialist can give you the most accurate estimate of the amount of panels that will be required.

None. The government provides subsidies exclusively for home solar installation.
  • There are numerous advantages to purchasing commercial solar panels. Take a look at:
    It’s not more than 4 or 6 rupees for each unit. This is a lot less you compare it to 12 to 14 rupees per unit that you contribute to DISCOM otherwise.
  • You are entitled to the benefit of accelerated depreciation at 40 percent (instead of 5percent) annually against the costs of commercial solar systems.
  • You play a vital part in the reduction of global warming.
A solar system that converts sunlight into electricity can be installed on the roof. This system is called a rooftop solar system.
The life expectancy of a Solar Plant is 25 years. Inverters and solar panels are the main components. Inverters have a warranty of 5-12 years, while solar panels come with a warranty of 25-years.
Solar Rooftop modules have very low maintenance costs because they are made with minimal moving parts. ChaitanyaSri Greentech offers a 5-year free maintenance plan to all clients. This ensures that our customers have a stress-free experience.
It is best to clean your solar panels at least once a month. It is safer to clean solar panels in the morning and at night, when there are no sun rays or electricity being produced. To clean the panels, you can use a soft nylon brush, sponge or wet cloth. However, ensure that the panels are dry. Avoid using metal brushes or detergents, as they can streak the panel’s glass.
ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow