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Solar Off-Grid System

Off grid solar system
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Off-grid systems need large quantities of energy storage because they are unable to get energy from the electric grid. Therefore, they generally use lead-acid batteries. They are an affordable alternative to more advanced (and much more effective) lithium solar batteries.DC power generated by solar panels is fed to an inverter that transforms the power into AC electricity. This electricity is used initially for the purpose of servicing the home’s needs as well as any excess energy is sent to the grid in exchange in exchange for credits on the electric bill.

Benefits of Solar OFF-Grid System

ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow

Can be installed where there is no access to the utility grid

ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow

Makes you completely
energy independent

ChaitanyaSri Greentech - Solar panel company in Lucknow

Sets you free from rising electricity charges

One Step Toward Green Future

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